Lockhart LLP
"My not-for-profit company has used Lockhart and Company for two years. I have found them to be very professional and easy to work with."

The reasons that I highly recommend Lockhart and Company are:
- the audited financial statements are completed by the date that was agreed to at the beginning of the audit
- they are reasonably priced
- they try to understand the business and focus on the important areas
- they provide helpful recommendations that are appropriate and attainable
- they are accessible and knowledgeable when important issues come up for discussion.

Overall I have been very impressed and have enjoyed working with Lockhart and Company
Lockhart LLP
"Lockhart and Company has helpful, professional, trustworthy staff. They are easily approachable and each year our year end is completed in a timely manner and presented to our members at ourĀ annual general meeting in a way in which is understandable to all."
Lockhart LLP
"Running a small business as an individual can be very stressful in nature. Trying to wear all the hats is where most business owners fail, so I have chosen to trust Lockhart and Company for all of my accounting and taxation needs. They have been given me peace of mind since my company was incorporated, and I can always count on Gregg, Cory or Lisa to be there for me. Having them in my corner allows me to focus on what I do best, while knowing my financials are in good standing."
Lockhart LLP
"As a single mother and entrepreneur, there are only so many hours in my day. I consider myself a master of my trade, but when it comes to finances, I have learned how important it is to have knowledgeable accountants who will thoroughly familiarize themselves with my business. Lockhart & Company has undoubtedly been the best choice for me. I am confident their expertise and knowledge has put more money back in my pocket.

After having undergone an audit, Lockhart & Company took my file on and thoroughly familiarized themselves with my entire portfolio, they don't just fill in the blanks. They gave me good sound advice.

I will cut costs on a pair of great stilettos before I ever cut costs on a good accountant again. Lockhart & Company provided me knowledgeable, in depth, quality accounting services."